Gymshark, the story…

This week, Ben Francis, the owner and creator of Gymshark released the first of his videos about the start of Gymshark. As a wearer of Gymshark and a follower of Ben on Instagram, I was definitely intrigued as how he created the current fastest growing brand.

The video shows that Ben clearly has a mind for business, which would have helped but it shows how he hand produced a lot of the beginning garments to kick start the business. The biggest turning point for Gymshark was after the Body Expo, with support from some of the bodybuilders he admired, the risk of investing in the expo paid off as they then had the most traffic on their website in the history of Gymshark.

The video is inspirational and really shows that if you want something, believe in it and really work for it, you can achieve it.


Check it out!

I own the flex leggings and they are unbelievably comfy, whilst really shaping your body and making your bum look fab! I will definitely be investing in more pairs.

– E x


Drake, Drizzy, Champagne Papi

However you know the well known Canadian rapper, I think it’s fairly safe to agree that he deserves all the credit he is given. But, was Drakes show really worth his ticket prices? A lot of people who I have spoken to did not get tickets for his gig purely based on price and Drake probably doesn’t care because he’s sold out but did he justify the prices?

The only other artist I paid that much for was Beyonce and she proved why we should pay that much; it wasn’t a show it was a production. When you think about a gig like that, then you can justify the amount but Beyonce show was on a much larger scale than Drake. Saying that, I have also been to shows for a lot less that have also put on a fantastic show – Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro, Fall out Boy, Jack Garratt…

Unfortunately, I missed the first support act on Saturday due to my ticket not scanning but I was incredibly lucky to be upgraded so sat right next to the stage!

By the time I got into the arena, DVSN was on and I was pleasantly impressed; with more of a chilled RnB vibe it was a nice start to the show. However, the next act, Young Thug were not a good enough pre-Drake act. In fact, I could barely understand what they were saying. I paid £30 to see Two Door Cinema Club and they had Sundara Karma supporting, I paid £80 to see Drake and Young Thug were not worthy.


Drake is a hype man, and he is good at it. He put on a good show, singing a variety of old and new; with a production of purple balls floating up and down with the music. There is no question that Drake is a great artist and he deserves all the adoring fans he has. Although I enjoy his dancing and jumping around because it is part of his show, I do wish he sung a bit more than he did.


I really enjoyed Drake and I don’t regret spending the money because it was a really good evening, especially as I got upgraded. I also saw him with, Rihanna back in June and I thought he was really good then but, would I pay £80 to see him again? Probably not. img_1943

The reason why I wouldn’t pay that much to see Drake again, isn’t a personal thing to Drake because I probably wouldn’t pay it to see Beyonce either. Yes, Beyonce was AMAZING but so was Rihanna and I paid £45 to see her. I have seen a lot of artists in my time that have put on amazing shows – like Take That’s circus tour and they all managed to do that, without charging their fans a fortune. img_1892


Outfit for the night

– E x

Under Armour looking to open first UK store

Drapers reported that the US sportswear giant, is looking to expand into the UK market. Although Under Armour is currently has wholesale accounts and concessions, it is apparently looking to have a store in London.

In 2016, international sales for Under Armer were strong which is an indicator to why they want to make the move to bricks and mortar in the UK. Along with the huge growth in the athleisure trend – pretty much everyone has bought into this trend as the market grew 26.1% in 5 years.

Although I have heard of under armour, its generally from a male perspective and focused on the technology  but naturally, as a keen athleisure follower, I checked out their stuff. The price range is fairly similar to Nike – leggings around £40 with a variety of style aspects.

Whilst I am mainly an Adidas/Nike wearer in the gym, I am intrigued to try out some of Under Armours gear and watch follow how they break into the UK market.

– E x



Leopard Print and Fishnets

If you haven’t seen the fishnet trend then I’d question if you have been hiding in a cave – I am pretty sure even my Mum would have seen it. This weekend, I decide to couple fishnet socks with my new leopard print boots from New Look which I LOVE.


I actually got the boots in the sale as well, which obviously makes me love them even more!

E x

NME Nominations Party

Musically, January started 2017 off pretty well. I was incredibly lucky to be invited to the NME Nominations Party as my friend won tickets via VO5s twitter competition and it was an amazing opportunity for the both of us. This year, NME kicked off the awards with an acoustic live set from Biffy Clyro, who just happen to be one of our favourite bands – we both saw them together twice last year.

The event was held at Omeara Studios in London, which in case you haven’t been is a very small space which meant we were able to get incredibly close to our favourite band – fan girl moments definitely happen, without any remorse! We managed to position ourself at the front of the stage to the right, which meant perfect shot of Simon ;).

As it was just a small acoustic set, Biffy Clyro played for about an hour which included a lot of their biggest hits such as: Friends and Enemies; Biblical and Rearrange. The atmosphere itself juxtaposed the “normal” vibe at a Biffy Clyro gig but equally as memorising.

During our time at the venue, we also got to take a picture with an NME Award and vote for this years nominees which include: Biffy Clyro, Blossoms, Years & Years, Kings of Leon, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Drake! (Can you guess who I voted for?!)


To the event, I wore a metallic grey slip dress with a black roll neck and high knee black boots, with my suede aviator jacket.

Over the next few months I am off to see: Two Door Cinema Club; Blossoms and Drake, plus any I get to see with work – including Black Sabbath.

– E x