Gymshark, the story…

This week, Ben Francis, the owner and creator of Gymshark released the first of his videos about the start of Gymshark. As a wearer of Gymshark and a follower of Ben on Instagram, I was definitely intrigued as how he created the current fastest growing brand.

The video shows that Ben clearly has a mind for business, which would have helped but it shows how he hand produced a lot of the beginning garments to kick start the business. The biggest turning point for Gymshark was after the Body Expo, with support from some of the bodybuilders he admired, the risk of investing in the expo paid off as they then had the most traffic on their website in the history of Gymshark.

The video is inspirational and really shows that if you want something, believe in it and really work for it, you can achieve it.


Check it out!

I own the flex leggings and they are unbelievably comfy, whilst really shaping your body and making your bum look fab! I will definitely be investing in more pairs.

– E x


Under Armour looking to open first UK store

Drapers reported that the US sportswear giant, is looking to expand into the UK market. Although Under Armour is currently has wholesale accounts and concessions, it is apparently looking to have a store in London.

In 2016, international sales for Under Armer were strong which is an indicator to why they want to make the move to bricks and mortar in the UK. Along with the huge growth in the athleisure trend – pretty much everyone has bought into this trend as the market grew 26.1% in 5 years.

Although I have heard of under armour, its generally from a male perspective and focused on the technology  but naturally, as a keen athleisure follower, I checked out their stuff. The price range is fairly similar to Nike – leggings around £40 with a variety of style aspects.

Whilst I am mainly an Adidas/Nike wearer in the gym, I am intrigued to try out some of Under Armours gear and watch follow how they break into the UK market.

– E x