Morrisons joining the womenswear market

Morrisons have just launched their womenswear line, which has clearly come as a result of the success of their Nutmeg children’s range. The collection will include: denim, outerwear and activewear, amongst others.

Since Nutmeg was launched in 2013 (I remember them bringing it into the store I worked in), Morrisons has now become the 20th largest retailer based on volume, as it received 3.1million transactions between January 2015 – 2016. (Drapers, Online)

While M&S are struggling to please the market and moving more into food, Morrisons seem to have understood customer requirements and expanding in the opposite direction to M&S. With supermarkets becoming big names in retail, especially childrenswear, Morrisons is definitely one to watch with their new range.

Online, it shows tops around £10 but as low as £4, with jeans and dresses at £20.

I hope it is in a store near me so I can go and see what they have to offer and feel the quality.

-E x


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