Nü Religion: HYENA – THEY.

After featuring on BBC Introducing festival, I have been a fan of the duo, THEY. The duo are from Los Angeles: Drew was an R&B writer for artists like Chris Brown whilst Dante worked with artists like Kelly Clarkson and won an award for her ‘Mr. Know-It-All’ track.

The duo are described on Spotify as a “blend of R&B, hip-hop, rock and pop”. After listening to their first few tracks after Future Festival, I would agree with this however the release of their new album is more focused on the R&B/hip-hop aspect.

Nü Religion: HYENA was released on the 24th February, a long time coming for some fans but I think it is safe to say, definitely worth the wait. The album reminds me of a mixture, of Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd with the odd pop/rock influence appearing. Some albums, especially debut albums can be hit and miss, but I like every track on the album – it has a nice flow, all the tracks connect perfectly. It is the sort of album you could listen to in most moods.

The duo have released their US tour, but have promised a UK tour this year.

Check it out!


-E x 


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