Catfish and Jack

This week I have been very fortunate to see two of my favourite artists: Catfish and The Bottlemen and Jack Garratt. I saw both acts for the first time at Reading 2015 after following them from Zane Lowe’s section at the beginning of the year.

Jack Garratt was rumoured to be a real vision on stage, as you watch him do everything himself, all at once. I’ve now seen Jack four times and I can honestly say, it gets more incredible every time I watch. As a musician myself, I appreciate the skill that goes into any instrument and being able to perform, let alone all of them at once. I feel like I’ve been on a journey with Jack (although he doesn’t know it): the first time I watched him he was in a small tent at Reading, with a very small crowd and he was fairly timid; as the shows have progressed, the crowds have got bigger, more people are singing back to him and each time he becomes more interactive and honestly, fantastic. Last night, at the O2 Appollo in Manchester, he performed a selection of his album Phase – which is a great listen, but if you ever get the chance to see him live then do because I don’t feel like the album does the music justice.


Catfish and The Bottlemen, sold out all three dates at Victorian Warehouse Manchester and if you’ve seen them live, you’d completely appreciate why. Music always brings back memories and reminds you of a certain time in life; for me, Catfish really remind me of Reading 2015 because although again, I enjoyed their album, it was nothing on their live performance. To this day, I would still say Catfish were one of the best bands, I have ever seen live.

It’s amazing to watch a band or artist go from one small stage to selling out gigs in large venues after just such a short amount of time. So if you’re reading this and you haven’t already listened to either, pop them on the playlist (Breathe Life by Jack Garratt and Glasgow or Oxygen by Catfish and the Bottlemen are a few of my favourite)

Ps. Jack, if you ever see this… Please bring out a dungaree range.



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